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Curan, meets your needsintermittent catheterization and urology products


  • Made according to the wishes of users and professionals
  • Based on years of knowledge and experience
  • Extensively tested, so safe and reliable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Free from aggressive softening agents


All Curan products meet the highest quality demands, in accordance with European standards. Before a product leaves our factory, it has undergone repeated strict inspections. This allows us to offer comfort and optimal security. 


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Bladder problems?

Curan meets your needs


Emptying your bladder using a catheter. Of course you would like to do this as easily, as comfortably and as discreetly as possible. This is something we at Curan understand, which is why we make our catheters according to both your wishes and those of health professionals. And why we continuously update and improve our products. Curan meets your needs


Curan helps you take control of your bladder

Whatever your bladder problem, Curan catheters will make your life that bit easier. Regular self-catheterization keeps your bladder healthy. It prevents unwanted urine leakage, infections and kidney problems.

Instruction video

Instruction videos for self-catheterization


If you are going to self-catheterize for the first time, watch our instruction video.



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