Living with a bladder problem

Urinating is a simple, everyday occurrence. Until it isn’t. Emptying your bladder isn’t so easy any more, it causes you problems and sometimes even pain as well. These are all signs that you are dealing with a bladder problem. A problem that will affect your daily life, but one that, in many cases, shouldn’t at all. This is why it’s important to understand what’s happening and why you might have developed this problem.

Alles over katheters

Everything about catheters

Curan is a specialist in comfortable catheters for clinical use, for use at home and when out and about. All Curan products are made with state-of-the-art technology and comply with all European quality standards and regulations. Our products make self-catheterisation a little more comfortable: they’re practical, safe and easy to use.

Here are a few practical questions that might be bothering you when you come to realise you will need to start self-catheterising.

Een katheter gebruiken

Using a catheter

You have been unsure and have had to spend some time getting used to the idea of using a catheter. But it will make your bladder problem a little more bearable.

In addition you will also need to learn how to schedule catheterisation into your daily life. After you have learnt a bit more about it all, you will find that in the end you don’t need much more time than a ‘normal’ toilet visit. Essentially, you can catheterise anywhere. So, anywhere there’s a toilet, water, soap and privacy. This could be at home, or at family or friend’s houses, or even in public toilets, as long as you are within reach of clean running water. Disabled toilets are perfect for this.

We aim to take away all your uncertainties and worries. So here we have answered a few frequently answered questions.

Switch icoon

Switch catheter

It may be the case that you are not (or no longer) satisfied with your catheter. This can be due to the fact that your lifestyle has changed over time or that you made your choice too quickly when you did or that you left that choice to your nurse. If that is the case, you might consider switching the type and/or brand of your catheter. We explain the things to be considered with regard to a possible switch by means of a number of FAQs: