Curan Lady

The Curan Lady is a compact and convenient catheter specially developed for women. Ever since the introduction, we have constantly been working on improving the user experience, based on findings and ideas gathered from both users and healthcare professionals. This has resulted in a more elegant and more discreet design of the Curan Lady than ever. 

Thanks to the compact shape, the Curan Lady can be easily and discretely carried in your pocket or bag. This makes the catheter suitable for use both at home and on the road. After use, you can carry the catheter in a safe and hygienic manner in the leakproof packaging. The use of the Curan Lady therefore easily fits within your everyday life.

Immediately ready to use 

You can use this handy catheter straight from the packaging, after your hands have been washed or disinfected. The hydrogel coating ensures smooth and pain-free application. After use, the catheter can simply be stored in the discrete and leakproof packaging. The catheter can then be disposed of or carried discretely.

The most noticeable advantages

  • Compact and discreet design
  • Immediately ready to use thanks to the hydrogel coating
  • Smooth application due to the ergonomic shape
  • Carried and disposed of discretely  
  • Can be combined with every urine drainage bag   
  • Fully recyclable


Curan Lady

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"I live my life the same way as before the catheterisation and go out as much as I can."

Saskia Fronen

Saskia Fronen

Maximum quality and safety 

In its development of catheters, Curan promotes maximum quality and safety. The safety and performance of our catheters have been tested, evaluated and documented extensively. We guarantee the same reliable experience at any moment of use. Additionally, our catheters are equipped with advanced techniques reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. Our Blue Grip® insertion guide is a great example. This insertion guide is a convenient aid for men, allowing the contact-free insertion of a catheter. This is more hygienic and therefore reduces the risk of infections. Our products are covered by a CE Certificate and ISO13485 Certification; an official recognition that we, as a manufacturer, only place safe medical appliances on the market.  

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Curan Lady instructional video

This is the Curan Lady

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Insert the Curan Lady

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Remove the Curan Lady

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  • Total length
    12 cm
  • Suitable for men
  • Suitable for women
  • Type of use
  • Type of opening
  • Type of catheter
  • Length of catheter
    8.5 cm

Additional Information

  • Simple and comfortable to use without help
  • Free from aggressive softening agents
  • The connector is flexible, soft, universal and is colour-coded.
  • Available in 4 Charrière sizes: 08, 10, 12, 14
  • Extensively tested design

Information for professionals

  • Product code
    Color code
  • Product code
    CL 08 Compact ready to use female device
    CH 08
    Box of 30
    Color code
  • Product code
    CL 10 Compact ready to use female device
    CH 10
    Box of 30
    Color code
  • Product code
    CL 12 Compact ready to use female device
    CH 12
    Box of 30
    Color code
  • Product code
    CL 14 Compact ready to use female device
    CH 14
    Box of 30
    Color code

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