Our products

Curan provides urology products and catheters for clinical use, for use at home and when out and about. Curan catheters help make self-catheterisation a little bit easier. They are practical, safe and easy to use. Curan catheters had smooth polished eyelets and are both flexible yet robust.

Male catheters come with the unique Blue Grip®: a handy tool for the hygienic insertion catheters without making skin contact. All Curan products are free from aggressive softening agents and most come with a hydrogel or a hydrophilic coating.

Curan has six different product lines.

  • Curan Man

    Curan Man is a compact, ready-to-use male catheter with Blue Grip®.

  • Curan Lady

    Curan Lady is a female catheter that is extremely user-friendly, with a compact and elegant design.

  • Curan Advantage

    Curan Advantage is a catheter that offers a potential solution for men and women with bladder problems.

  • Curan Closed System

    Curan Closed System is catheter with a collection bag and is available for men and women.

  • Curan Hydrophilic coated

    Curan Hydrophilic Coated is a catheter that comes with smooth polished eyelets and a hydrophilic coating for extra comfort during insertion.

  • Curan Plain

    The Curan Plain catheters are smooth, uncoated and free from phthalates. Each catheter comes in a sterile package for single use.