We (and third parties) make use of cookies on our website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer. We do this so that we can enable various functionalities and so that we can gain insight into the behaviour of visitors to our website. We only use functional cookies: These cookies are necessary for our website to function properly. This is so we know, for example, whether you have given us permission to place analysis cookies and marketing cookies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies are used; we have concluded an editing agreement with Google; the last octet of the IP address is masked; “data sharing” is disabled; no use is made of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. This cookie is stored for a maximum of two years and is placed by Google. Google does not share anonymous data with third parties (see Google's privacy statement).

Miscellaneous/ unexpected cookies

Due to the way the internet and websites work, we may not always have insight into the cookies that third parties place through our website. This is particularly the case if our web pages contain embedded elements; these are texts, documents, pictures or films that are stored with another party, but which are shown on, in or via our website. If you come across cookies on our website that fall into this category and are therefore not mentioned above, please let us know. Or you can contact the third party directly and ask which cookies they have placed, what the reason is, what the duration of the cookie is and how they have guaranteed your privacy.

Deleting or disabling cookies

All cookies placed by our website can be disabled or deleted. However, you will then need to bear in mind that our website may not work very well. This is how you can disable cookies:

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