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We are proud to present the improved and developed Curan Lady with a new discrete color and rounded female shape. Made according to your wishes and with the same high quality and performance as you are used to.

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Specialist in intermittent catheters

Curan works together with medical specialists to create top-quality catheters. Always with a focus on the realisation of innovative, comfortable products that are easy for the user and the professional.

Everything about the bladder

Living with a bladder problem raises many questions but provides few answers. Let us help you with the answers.

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"I want to know that I can comfortably and safely self-catheterise."

Curan, meets your needs

Curan catheters

Our selection stands out with its comfort, ease of use and innovation. We have a number of varieties available in various styles. Varied but always with a common goal: to stop your bladder problem from getting in the way of you living your life the way you want.

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Medical professionals

Our wide range of intermittent catheters is also available to medical specialists. We do this through our extensive network of distributors. We also explain in detail how the focus on our work guarantees the quality of all Curan products.

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