Curan Complete

The Curan Complete is a catheter with an integrated urine collection bag for when there is no toilet nearby, when there is limited mobility or when there is a need for extra hygiene, such as in the case of recurrent urinary tract infections. The Curan Complete comes in a compact version with a urine collection capacity of 1,000 ml. 

The catheter is ready to use and is packaged in 100% no-touch packaging with 'Introducer tip', a protective insertion tip. The Introducer tip is used to bypass the bacteria at the beginning of the urethra, so that these bacteria are not brought into the body with the catheter. 

The catheter has a comfortable hydrogel coating that remains smooth and flexible during insertion and removal of the catheter. The coating does not dry out, even if more time is needed to catheterise. The Curan Complete is suitable for both women and men.

The main advantages:

  • Safe and hygienic catheterisation with Introducer tip
  • Direct and smooth insertion with hydrogel coating
  • Discreet 100% no-touch packaging
  • Complete system with leakproof urine collection bag
  • Prevents the development of recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Recyclable
Curan Complete

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"The Curan Complete is easy to use and gives me more freedom."

Hans de Vries

Hans de Vries

Maximum quality and safety 

In its development of catheters, Curan promotes maximum quality and safety. The safety and performance of our catheters have been tested, evaluated and documented extensively. We guarantee the same reliable experience at any moment of use. Additionally, our catheters are equipped with advanced techniques reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. Our Blue Grip® insertion guide is a great example. This insertion guide is a convenient aid for men, allowing the contact-free insertion of a catheter. This is more hygienic and therefore reduces the risk of infections. Our products are covered by a CE Certificate and ISO13485 Certification; an official recognition that we, as a manufacturer, only place safe medical appliances on the market.  

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  • Size of collection bag
    1.000 ml
  • Length of catheter
    40 cm
  • Type of catheter
  • Type of use
  • Suitable for women
  • Suitable for men

Additional Information

  • Guaranteed leak-proof collection bag
  • Comes with hydrogel coating
  • Smooth, polished eyelets to prevent irritation and risks during insertion
  • Free from aggressive softening agents

Information for professionals

  • Product code
    Color code
  • Product code
    CC12 Curan Complete 1000 ml collection bag and Introducer tip
    CH 12
    Box of 30
    Color code
  • Product code
    CC14 Curan Complete 1000 ml collection bag and Introducer tip
    CH 14
    Box of 30
    Color code

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