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On how she got her social life back thanks to self-catheterisation.


From the age of 35, I started experiencing tingling, dizziness and fatigue. Shortly afterwards, I started seeing double and slowly developed more and more bladder problems. I still postponed a visit to the GP as long as possible. Until I noticed that more and more symptoms arose and I felt increasingly insecure due to urine leakage. Because of the incontinence problem, my social circle became smaller and smaller. During a conversation, I sometimes went to the toilet four times and after a few hours my energy was depleted. When I also started to get bladder infections more often, I knew: I can't and don't want to go on like this. The symptoms were leaving too big a mark on my life.

Results of examinations

My GP referred me to a neurologist. After the tests, I was diagnosed with MS. Quite a blow. But also a logical explanation for my symptoms. For my bladder problems, I was quickly referred to the urologist. A bladder scan revealed that a little bit of urine always remains in my bladder after urinating. This explained those annoying bladder infections. To prevent them, the urologist recommended using a catheter. I was shocked that I would be stuck with this for the rest of my life. Fortunately, he immediately told me about the possibilities of intermittent catheters, which enable you to catheterise yourself, anywhere you choose. That way, the catheter is actually giving me back my freedom. That was a great relief. 

Foto van Curan Advantage Lady gebruiker Carmen

Carmen has a rich social life. She enjoys going out with friends every weekend.



"The catheter is giving me back my freedom."


Comfortable to insert

My urologist recommended the Curan Advantage to me. The nurse taught me how to use the catheter. That was a little scary, of course. I had never seen a catheter before, let alone used one. Fortunately, it was much smaller than expected. And it can be inserted smoothly and without irritation, thanks to a hydrophilic coating. You activate this with the water pockets that come with it. This makes the catheter immediately ready for use. This allows me to use it not only at home, but also at friends' houses, at work and even in public toilets. 

Routine, thanks to practice

At home, I grabbed the instruction video the first few times, and followed all the steps. Thanks to this regular practice, catheterising has become a routine. I do it five times a day at set times. Meanwhile, with the help of the catheter, I can finish as quickly as with a regular toilet visit. 

Now I organise my days as I did a few years ago. Because of the MS, I am always tired a bit earlier. But because I empty my bladder before I go to bed, I sleep through the night again. And I benefit from that during the day! I have more energy and feel like going out with friends again.

"Thanks to the Curan Advantage, I have my social life back. I thoroughly enjoy that every day."


"Thanks to the Curan Advantage, I have my social life back. I thoroughly enjoy that every day."

Always a catheter in my bag

Before I go anywhere, I use the catheter at home. And now that I know how easy catheterisation is, I always carry some with me. They fit in my bag perfectly. During a lunch or evening out, I can rejoin the people I'm with. And I can have a drink with them. Thanks to the Curan Advantage, I have my social life back. I thoroughly enjoy it every day.

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