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About the way Curan Lady improved her life


It started when I was about 56 years’ old, I didn't always manage to keep hold of my urine anymore. I also kept losing urine spontaneously when sneezing, coughing or laughing, but also walking up the stairs. It may sound a bit naive, but I thought this might suddenly stop again. That it would be an inconvenience of temporary nature. Something in the line of the menopause. But the loss of urine increased every year and so did my insecurity about it. I didn't always feel comfortable anymore leaving the house. Just imagine I would lose some urine and people would see or smell it. When I celebrated my sixtieth birthday, I thought: Irm, it's about time to take your head out of the sand. There has to be some sort of a solution."

Lasting catheterisation 

I discussed my complaints with my GP, and he immediately referred me to a medical specialist. The subsequent examination showed that my bladder had subsided. Fully emptying my bladder had therefore become difficult. The subsidence also explained the annoying bladder infections I suffered from increasingly more often. What happened next was a surgery, but that didn't appear to be sufficient. Some urine always remained in my bladder after urinating, which could possibly lead to infections or complications. My medical specialist told me I was destined for lasting catheterisation. It felt as if the ground just gave way underneath my feet. The idea of having to insert ‘something’ into my body scared me. And what would that mean to my freedom? Would I still feel free to go wherever I wanted? 

Foto van Irma

Irma is a real epicurean. She loves cooking, walking and enjoys heading out. Her motto: "You can also move forward in headwind."



"The insertion runs smoothly, without irritation."


A bit strange, but painless  

Wat volgde was een consult bij de verpleegkundige. Zij zou mij gaan leren hoe ik mijzelf kon katheteriseren. Ik zag er tegenop, maar vond ook dat ik positief moest blijven. Ik heb mijn twee kinderen altijd bijgebracht dat ze ook met tegenwind vooruit kunnen gaan. Dat gold net zo goed voor mij! Ik had verwacht dat het pijnlijk zou zijn, maar dat was het niet. Het voelde hooguit een beetje vreemd. Ik kreeg verschillende katheters mee om uit te proberen. Vanwege het compacte formaat en de discrete vormgeving had de Curan Lady direct al mijn voorkeur. Door de coating wordt de katheter glad en verloopt het inbrengen soepel, zonder irritatie. Leuk is anders, maar de Curan Lady bleek voor mij echt een uitkomst. 

Standard practice

I really love camping. As soon as it's possible, my husband Gerard and I take the caravan to travel. We genuinely enjoy crossing the borders to go to Italy or northern France. We always take our e-bikes with us. A long bicycle ride through nature gives me a sense of ultimate freedom. Would I be forced to give that up? I remember saying to the nurse: Surely, you cannot expect me to just sit on the side-lines?! Luckily, she immediately reassured me. She said it is important to make self-catheterisation part of my daily routine. 

"I no longer postpone things. I just want to live my life!"

Irma, 61 years old

"I no longer postpone things. I just want to live my life!"

Faster than a regular visit to the toilet 

The first few days were obviously a bit clumsy and awkward, but I became familiar with catheterisation rather quickly. At one point I thought: this goes almost even faster than a regular visit to the toilet. I live my life the same way as before the catheterisation and go out as much as I can. A day to the zoo with the grandchildren or a long weekend of shopping in a large city with my daughter. It's all possible. I always feel secure carrying the Curan Lady with me, it provides me with a sense of control. It's quite obvious. I no longer postpone things. I just want to live my life!”