User experience of Hans

on how self-catheterisation gave back control of the bladder


“Urinary complaints are not something you like to talk about as a man. That's why I postponed my visit to the GP as long as possible. But I had to urinate increasingly more often. Excessively frequent to be honest. I constantly felt the urge to urinate and, at one point, even feared that things might go wrong someday. My bladder had become so unpredictable, it made me petulant. My retirement was approaching, and I had so many plans! Surely, those plans couldn't be impeded by my urinary problems? 

A device needed 

I paid a visit to the GP, and he referred me to the urologist. That didn't surprise me to be honest. Examination showed that my complaints were caused by an enlarged prostate. The prostate was pushing onto my urethra, meaning I couldn't urinate properly anymore and constantly had that sense of a full bladder. The cause was detected and so was the solution: I needed an auxiliary device. I felt miserable. But things are the way they are, that's life. I just had to find a way to handle it. Just like many other men my age, as I know now. It's nothing to be ashamed of, I just don't like talking about it.

Foto van Curan man gebruiker Hans

Hans is a true optimist. He looks at the sunny side of life and enjoys the little things. His motto: "Happiness is not about achieving great things, but about appreciating the little things"



"Things are the way they are, that's life."


Nobody notices  

The nurse taught me how to catheterise myself. I have to admit, it took me a while to get the hang of it but after that, it actually went smoothly. I was afraid it would hurt, but that's not the case. Yes, of course you feel something. Just a strange feeling, but not pain. Which is a good thing, as I catheterise about six times per day. I have tried a few different catheters and continued using the Curan Man. A compact catheter I can easily take with me in the inside pocket of my jacket. Nobody notices. The catheter is immediately ready for use, so the whole process of catheterisation takes very little effort. ‘The job is done’ within a few minutes. 

Hygienic insertion

I may be retired, but that doesn't mean I sit still all day. I really enjoy riding my bicycle on a beautiful summer day and visiting an authentic village. Drinking a cool beer on a terrace somewhere has become standard practice. I also enjoy going on vacation. My wife Jantina and I like to travel from campsite to campsite (or Airbnb) to see as much as possible of the country we visit. Along the way, you are dependent on public toilets, not knowing where to find these and how clean they are. That was very off-putting to me.

Fortunately, the Curan Man is immediately ready to use, and the catheter can be inserted without touching it by hand. That's not only practical, it's also very hygienic. The catheter closes easily and doesn't leak. Should there be no possibility to dispose of the catheter, I can just take it with me. The catheter can then be thrown away with residual waste. Being a nature lover, it's a pleasant idea that the catheter is fully recyclable.

Regained control of my bladder 

I actually don't feel any restrictions anymore. I enjoy living life to the fullest and mainly the little things. Playing cards with friends, going to the gym in the morning, growing vegetables in my allotment garden... Everything is possible. I recently paid a visit to the Rijksmuseum with my oldest grandchild. He was eager to see De Nachtwacht painting in real life. It was great being able to walk around carefree and to fully enjoy such grandpa/grandson getaway. I no longer pay attention to the signs pointing out the direction to the toilets. I feel safe carrying my catheter in my pocket. I have regained control of my bladder!”