What is hydrophilic coating?

Hydrophilic coating is a special layer on the catheter that is activated as soon as it comes into contact with water. The water ‘attaches’ to the coating and together they combine to form a layer of gel. This layer provides additional comfort during insertion, without risk or irritation. It’s not called ‘comfort coating’ for nothing!

Curan Hydrophilic Coated

Curan has developed catheters with hydrophilic coating. These are the Curan Hydrophilic Coated and the Curan Advantage. The Curan Man, the Curan Lady and the Curan Closed System come with a hydrogel. This gel comes in the catheter packaging and you apply it yourself during catheterisation rather than there being an extra hydrophilic layer as on the Curan Hydrophilic Coated and the Curan Advantage. The Curan Plain does not come with hydrogel, but it can be supplied in addition if requested. 

Here are the most noticeable advantages of the Curan Hydrophilic Coated:

  • Free from aggressive softening agents.
  • Smooth, polished eyelets to prevent irritation during insertion.
  • Hydrophilic coating for additional comfort during insertion.
  • Male catheters come with the unique Blue Grip® for easy and hygienic insertion.
  • Provided with a flexible connector for easy connection to a night bag.

Let us explain how these advantages can make a practical difference to you. We will also explain a little more about using a Curan catheter.

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