I have difficulty urinating, what should I do?

There are often two reasons why your urinary system doesn’t work as it’s supposed to and causes the development of a bladder problem: 

  1. Urinary incontinence: the involuntary loss of urine.
  2. Urine retention: not being able to fully empty your bladder meaning some urine remains in it and increases the risk of infection.

Self-catheterisation as a solution

Sometimes a bladder problem is just momentarily losing control if you happen to cough or sneeze. But it can also been a stronger, sudden urge which makes you run for the toilet, or even leaving you with absolutely no control over your bladder whatsoever. In many cases, these urinary problems can be controlled. For example with self-catheterisation: going to the toilet at specific times to empty your bladder with the help of a catheter.

Customised catheters

In the first instance, it’s important that you see a specialist about your bladder problem. And then if self-catheterisation might be a solution for you, then your doctor will advise you what type of catheter is best for you.

Our close collaboration with, among others, healthcare professionals has helped us to offer a broad range of catheters that make self-catheterisation a practical, comfortable, safe and hygienic process.


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