What effect do bladder problems have on daily life?

Bladder problems affect your daily life. They can affect how you sleep at night by altering your sleeping pattern. It also becomes more difficult to do some things, especially out of your house. Involuntary loss of urine and a frequent need to urinate are difficult issues to deal with in social situations. 

Social isolation

You may end up being socially isolated because of a fear of “accidents” during parties or days out. There is no reason for this to happen which is why it’s important to first understand what’s happening and why you might have developed this problem. Many people drink less in the hope that this will reduce the bladder problem, but this actually has the opposite effect and increases the risk of problems. If you do this, your body will retain water and you will become dehydrated. 

Curan meets your needs

And we don’t say that lightly. Our mission is to provide a better quality of living for people with continence issues. In short, by offering solutions to the symptoms mentioned above. We do this by developing, producing and distributing high-quality catheters. This means we can offer our customers a comfortable, hygienic and painless solution for intermittent catheterisation.

Male and female bladder problems

Bladder problems can affect men or women of any age. Intermittent catheterisation can be prescribed by your doctor according to your needs. 

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