What is a catheter?

A catheter is a thin, transparent plastic tube that has been specially designed to transport urine out of the bladder. At the end of the tube that sits in the bladder, there are two openings. These opening are also called eyes and they are there to ensure that the urine enters the catheter. At the other end of the catheter, where the urine comes out, is a connector that you direct into the toilet. Your urine will flow into the toilet and the catheter helps you to fully empty your bladder. This process is what’s known as self-catheterisation

What does a catheter do?

In the first instance, a catheter is a medical device that can offer a solution to your bladder problem. In short, they contribute greatly to a better quality of life if you suffer from bladder problems.

It’s up to your doctor to decide what type of catheter will best suit your personal situation. Let us tell you more about the different catheters we offer at Curan.

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