As a man, how do I insert a catheter?

Hygiene is of paramount importance. Wash your hands with water and soap (preferably from a soap dispenser) and dry your hands with a clean hand towel. If there is no (clean) water available, you can wash your hands with a wet wipe or disinfect your hands with an antibacterial sanitising hand gel.

Hygienic insertion aid

Just as important as the hygienic precautions beforehand is the hygiene during insertion. Male Curan catheters are fitted with Blue Grip®. The Blue Grip® insertion aid ensures hygienic insertions as you do not actually have to touch the catheter itself. At the same time it gives you control over both the insertion and withdrawal of the catheter from the urethra. The Curan Man, the Curan Advantage Man and the Curan Advantage Unisex, and the Curan Hydrophilic Coated Catheter all come with the Blue Grip® insertion aid.

Instruction video for insertion of a male catheter

Our instruction video shows you step-by-step how to insert a (Curan Man) catheter. The preparations as described above are shown in detail, as is how the Blue Grip® insertion aid works.

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