As a woman, how do I insert a catheter?

Hygiene is of paramount importance. Wash your hands with water and soap (preferably from a soap dispenser) and dry your hands with a clean hand towel. If there is no (clean) water available, you can wash your hands with a wet wipe or disinfect your hands with an antibacterial sanitising hand gel. Wash your pubic area with plenty of water. If there is no water available, you can use moist toilet wipes. First of all clean your labia and then the area around your urethra. Make sure that you always wipe from front to back.

Instruction video for insertion of a female catheter

Our instruction video shows you step-by-step how to insert a (Curan Lady) catheter. The preparations as described above are shown in detail before the catheterisation is demonstrated.

Women generally report a painless experience with Curan catheters, not least thanks to the smooth polished eyelets that ensure effortless insertion. Alongside the fact that catheterisation helps maintain healthy bladder function, it also reduces the social discomfort you may have previously experienced.

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