How do you take a catheter out?

Our instruction videos for men and women explain, among other things, in detail how to remove Curan Man, Curan Lady and Curan Advantage. When your urine flow stops, gently and slowly pull the catheter out a little at a time. If you start urinating again while you are removing your catheter, stop and wait for the urine to finish flowing. Then you can continue with removal. It’s important that your bladder is completely empty to help prevent infection. 

Curan catheters are smooth polished to provide comfortable insertion and removal. If you experience (continuing) painful symptoms when removing your catheter, we suggest you contact your doctor or GP.

Catheter hygiene

Hygiene is also important when you are removing your catheter in order to avoid urinary tract and bladder infections. Here are the hygiene rules and regulations we recommend you follow during self-catheterisation. 

After use

After use, throw the catheter in a bin. If there is no bin around, the Curan Man has been developed so that, once back in the package and sealed with the transparent cap, you can store it in a small pocket in your coat or bag. You can do the same with the Curan Lady, and dispose of it later. Our other catheters can be put into a plastic bag if there is no bin handy.

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