What does a catheter feel like?

The most important principle that Curan adheres to during the development of catheters is comfort. This has resulted in a wide range of comfortable and practical catheters. With the right, quality products and comprehensive instructions this means that self-catheterisation does not need to be a painful experience. The majority of Curan catheter-users say that they are painless to use. 

It may well be that, when you start using a catheter, insertion and removal can be somewhat uncomfortable as there may be a small burning sensation. After all, your urethra is not used to having foreign bodies inserted into it! However, as a general rule, this feeling will lessen and eventually disappear as you become more familiar with self-catheterisation. Eventually the procedure will become second nature to you as you become more relaxed about the whole thing. 

Curan catheters

As it will take a while for your body to get used to catheterisation, it is definitely worth using a catheter with a hydrogel or hydrophilic coating. This increases your level of comfort and ease of use. See our range of catheters here.

Instructions on how to use catheters

We will show you how to use catheters for both men and women. The steps, from preparation to after-care, will be clearly laid out.

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