What are the advantages of intermittent catheterisation?

One of the most noticeable advantages of intermittent catheterisation is the reduction of the impact your bladder problem has on your daily life. You won’t end up feeling socially isolated because you will still be able to carry on with your normal outdoors (and indoors) activities. You won’t be hampered by the involuntary loss of urine any more, or the constant need to urinate.

Avoiding complications 

The objective of intermittent catheterisation is to regularly fully empty your bladder. This can help to avoid complications such as bladder infections, incontinence (loss of urine) or, in the most severe cases, (chronic) kidney disease. If you are able to self catheterise then your bladder and kidneys will continue to work “normally”. 

For reasons of health, it is important that your body continues to function as it is supposed to, and this includes your urinary system.

Other advantages

As well as avoiding the above-mentioned complications, the noticeable advantages of self-catheterisation (intermittent catheterisation) are:

  • The freedom you get back: the freedom to move and live.
  • No more social isolation as you no longer have to worry about your bladder problem.
  • Independence.
  • A ‘normal’ sex life, thanks to less or no involuntary loss of urine, and more self-confidence.

Are there any disadvantages to intermittent catheterisation?

Depending on your own individual circumstances, there may be discomfort and inconvenience with self-catheterisation. This means things like

  • Difficulty self-catheterising depending on your physical abilities, e.g. hand function, eyesight, weight or mobility.
  • It can sometimes be painful, for example if you have a bladder infection.
  • Incorporating it into your daily life can, depending on your individual situation and circumstances, sometimes take a while.

However, users of Curan catheters do not find it to be stressful or painful. We’ll explain it what it feels like to self-catheterise.

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