Are there different kinds of catheters?

There are a number of different catheters. They can be separated into the categories of indwelling catheters, external catheters and single-use catheters.

Types of catheters

An indwelling catheter is inserted into the urethra by a nurse or doctor in a hospital, and will remain in place for several weeks. A small balloon at the end of the catheter is filled with water; this helps it to stay in place. The other end of the catheter (the exit) is connected to a changeable collection bag where the urine is collected. And so, the bladder is emptied. 

An external catheter is also known as a condom catheter and is only used for men. The catheter is placed over the penis like a condom and connected to a collection bag. 

A single-use catheter is also called an intermittent catheter, and that’s the type that Curan specialises in. Intermittent catheterisation can be prescribed by your doctor once your bladder problem has been diagnosed. Which catheter is best for you depends on your individual symptoms, your lifestyle, your wishes and your needs. This is something you will decide together with your doctor or specialist. Your doctor or specialist will also teach you how to self-catheterise.

Curan catheters

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